Software vs. Services- What You DON’T Have To Give Up With Microsoft Dynamics

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Microsoft Dynamics Software plus Services strategy is centered on offering customers a CHOICE.  One of Microsoft’s differentiators in the market is their ability to offer customers the choice of deploying on-premise (software world), hosting from the clouds (services world) or perhaps doing both. 

-          In the software world you have complete control: you get to customize it, you get to pay for it once and use it as long as you like and you have a perpetual license. A lot of these things you can’t do in the services world.

-          In the service world you get to try it before you buy it, all the infrastructure management headaches go up into the cloud and become somebody else’s problem and you often pay as you go.  

If you go down the software-only path or the service-only path, you’re could be trading one set of benefits for the other.  But Microsoft Dynamics Software Plus Services says that you shouldn’t have to trade off one versus the other.  It’s an idea that you should be able to have the best of both worlds: you should be able to have all the benefits of server side and client side software, running on-premise behind the firewall, combined with a lot of the benefits in the services world in terms of broad reach and the ability to consume software functionality without having to worry about a lot of the infrastructure management issues.  So find out today how you can combine online services with on-premise ERP or on-demand ERP to quickly increase your business capabilities.

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by Ed Bonaski, Sherwood Systems an Arizona Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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