Productivity Tips For Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Both new and advanced users can add efficiency to routine processing by leveraging the features built into Microsoft Dynamics GP.   Below are just a few tips for increasing productivity.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

There are numerous keyboard shortcuts available in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Users that spend a significant time each day performing data entry work can save keystrokes – i.e. time, by learning and taking advantage of these shortcuts.

Setup Quick Print Options

Invoices, packing slips or other sales order processing documents can be set to print automatically – almost!  To print using Quick Print, open your Order, Invoice, etc., and then select Options and Quick Print.  Alternatively, use the keystroke shortcut, CTRL + Q.

Customize Your Toolbar

You can customize your toolbar to promote efficiency in your routine tasks.  You may Arrange Toolbar, Add Tools, Customize Tools and even change names on your Toolbar Menus!

Change Your Display

Through User Preferences, you may change your user defaults.  Note that security rights will be required to update User Preferences.

Use Macros

A macro is a pre-recorded series of steps that can be played back at anytime.  Think of all the steps that you use to perform your routine tasks and combine these into a single command.

Customize List Views

A view is just a name applied to a filtered or modified list.

Customize Smartlists

You may modify Smartlist column names to meet your specific business needs.  Also, Smartlists may effectively be used for custom reminders based on a defined set of conditions.  Finally, limiting records can speed up search times.

Customize Your Navigation Pane

You may customize your Navigation Pane to remove from view or make visible, or to show more or fewer buttons.

Use Shortcuts

Shortcuts provide quick and easy links to resources you use frequently including windows, macros, Smartlists, Web pages and external applications.

Set Advanced Lookups

By setting Advanced Lookup options, you may speed the search for records by choosing from data that is most meaningful to your search.

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by Paul Pirhofer, Anderson, Tackman & Co. a Wisconsin Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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