How To Give Auditors Access To Your Dynamics GP ERP System Without Buying An Extra License

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Thanks to I found a very helpful blog post by gp2themax about a great way to use Excel Reports in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  He writes: "Did you know that, beginning with GP10, GP ships with approximately 200 pre-defined Excel Reports that can be accessed by GP users and non-GP users alike?  The reports are basically the same as the canned SmartLists... However, the major differences between these reports and SmartLists is that Excel Reports open directly in Excel, without having to run a SmartList and then export it, and these reports can be run by anyone who has an ODC (Office Data Connection)  which means that anyone who has MS Excel 2007 or newer on their computer, and the necessary SQL security rights, can run these reports without logging in to GP!”   And here is my favorite part, “For instance, this is perfect for setting up auditors with access to GP transaction data without the need for using a GP login."

I often talk to clients who are a frazzled mess because “the auditors are here.”   So I think that any tip that can help you make the auditor's life easier will also make your life easier.  Thanks Frank!  Excel Reports are a great reason to consider using Microsoft Dynamics GP.  The integration between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office is excellent and continues to improve with each release. (Microsoft Dynamics GP version 11 highlights).  To learn more check out this white paper: Microsoft Dynamics GP & Microsoft Office 2007: Built to Work Together.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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