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Written by Lise’ Cummings, Senior Consultant for InterDyn Artis
Recently InterDyn – Artis held a workshop at the Microsoft campus in Charlotte that focused on Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  The first workshop had such overwhelming response that we had to hold an additional one to accommodate the overflow.  We covered 50 various tips and tricks, which only began to touch the tip of the iceberg.  I must add that this is the one session I have given that I did not see heads bobbing and eyes closed.

So often times I find that when doing an implementation, that even though these items are covered, the client is so focused on getting to the meat of (and retaining it) what they have to do on a daily basis for performing their job, that these items that are considered to be “nice to haves” often get glazed over.  I usually get the question several months down the road after go live, “Can the system do this….” Or “It would be nice if…..”.  This is usually followed by my response of “It can.  Don’t you remember that we covered that during training?”  They usually respond with a no.  This is when the Tips and Tricks become so sought out after.  InterDyn – Artis has found that this is one of the most requested sessions that our clients ask for.

We covered items such as Navigation Lists (everyone has these, most do not know they even exist), using Export Solutions to create macros that run in Excel when you export a Smartlist to Excel (really helpful when using pivot tables in conjunction with the data you have exported), copying general ledger journal entries, copying purchase orders, setting user preferences and cleaning up Auto Completes, creating Smarltist favorites and setting them as Reminders, doing Backups from within the database you are logged into, the purpose of Account Aliases, using Account Security, etc.,   As you see the list can go on and on. 

Due to the changing of the licensing with Microsoft Dynamics GP going to the Business Ready License (BRL) model, we have also seen many instances where the client does not realize they own a certain module(s) and it goes unimplemented.  It is usually brought to our attention when the client calls and asks if there is a module that would do such and such and we look at what they are registered for to find that they already own the product, they just haven’t implemented it.  So be aware of the products you are registered for and own.  You may even find that you have some products you didn’t know you had, but you become interested in utilizing them.

Needless to say the class was a huge success in conjunction with the attendance numbers.  Upon reviewing (yes, we do read your comments) the evaluations these are some of the comments that we received:

“Great value for us.  I should have had other employees here.” – Nucor Building systems
“Always enjoy your classes.  Lise’ is a great presenter” – Drake Dental
“This was very helpful! I discovered many features that have not been used by my company.” – McNeary, Inc.

Now may be the perfect time with business being a bit slower than usual due to the economy, for you to evaluate and see if you feel like you are getting the most optimization out of your Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system.  Many of these tips and tricks can help speed up your daily processes, so that when you start seeing the uphill climb with the economy, you will be prepared to work smarter and not harder.  This could possibly put you ahead of your competition if you can see where your weaknesses lie. If you are a Microsoft Dynamics GP users InterDyn Artis will kindly supply you with these Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Dynamics GP PowerPoint presentation, contact us today. Written by InterDyn Artis a North Carolina Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

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