Dynamics GP – The Right Fit For Multi-Site Long Term Care Facilities

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Full-service, continuing care retirement communities have a prime mission to provide independence and dignity to their residents. This is an expensive endeavor for Long Term Care facilities, and in many cases, it can have the unintended consequence of taking resources away from non mission critical items such as IT.  When it comes to financial management, this often results in a reliance on legacy systems that are not powerful enough to handle heavy healthcare billing requirements, lack automated reporting capabilities and entail inefficient manual work-arounds to do financial statements and budgeting.  Accounting personnel often spend valuable time double-checking data links, instead of performing data analysis. 

Many Long Term Care organizations are finding that Microsoft Dynamics GP can help standardize their financial management.  Dynamics GP can provide the flexibility and reporting that Long Term Care facilities need.   An implementation of Dynamics GP can provide:

  • Consolidated Chart of Accounts for multiple communities
  • Customized Analytics & Reporting to aggregate data efficiently and speed up financial reporting
  • Microsoft Forecaster to streamline budgeting, which allows more time for analysis and supports better decision-making
  • Customized portals to automate purchase order approvals, which enables payer controls and reduces paper

High-quality care is the number one priority for providers; reducing costs is the number one imperative.  Dynamics GP can help Long Term Care Facilities streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce inefficiency.

By Intellitec Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner serving Pennsylvania

2 thoughts on “Dynamics GP – The Right Fit For Multi-Site Long Term Care Facilities”

  1. To make Dynamics-Great Plains truly multi-entity compatible requires the add-on product called Multi-Facility Processing made by Binary Stream Software. This product allows you to put many entities into 1 Great Plains database. It also allows users to only see the data that they have entity / facility access to. If you tried to do this in Great Plains without Multi-Facility, every user would see the data from all the entities in the database which most organizations do not want.

    Becuase of this, Binary Stream Software has many clients in Long Term care using Multi-Facility Processing. Reporting out of 1 database is easier, intercomapny transactions are simple, you have only 1 database to maintain... This is a must have in the Dynamics-Great Plains world!

  2. For those Long Term Care companies that want to take their financial reporting to another level with Microsoft SQL Server and Excel should consider the BI360 Reporting, Budgeting and Dashboard suite.

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