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As a customer or potential customer of ERP software (that’s why you’re reading this blog, right?) one of the informational resources that you may not know about is the Microsoft Dynamics Community page. If you don’t already know about it, the Microsoft Dynamics Community is an educational resource for prospects, customers and partners.  You can read blogs about sales, marketing and products. You can visit Forums, offer product suggestions and learn what the Microsoft executive team has to say.  Did you know the community site received 1,017,611 views in FY09?

It’s a great place to learn about the worldwide community of Microsoft Dynamics customers and partners as well as the solutions that have been created to serve specific customer needs.  Some might even be similar to yours!  You can also engage in communities specific to your role, such as Customer Service, Finance Professionals and Sales & Marketing Professionals. And if you’re looking for specific Microsoft Dynamics GP or CRM information, you can also check out the resources on the Sherwood Systems website.

Arizona or New Mexico area, contact Sherwood Systems for assistance in determining if a technology solution can help your organization better serve your business needs. (877) 943-9696Arizona Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

by Ed Bonaski, Sherwood Systems an Arizona Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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