5 Benefits of On-Demand ERP Software

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Small and medium size businesses have to be able to efficiently manage their resources in order to be competitive in this challenging market and survive in this economy. Therefore, an ERP solution will help your business to decrease the recurring expenses related to operations by managing all business processes across departments in a single system.  Also it will offer convenient access to the data that will aid in the planning, decision making and managerial control of the daily operations.

There is no doubt of the benefits an ERP system will bring to a business of any size; nonetheless, a traditional implementation process can be so expensive and complicated that it is unaffordable for some small/mid size companies nowadays.

To this end, some business solution providers in this highly competitive market now offer the On-Demand ERP Application Software system that will do away with all up-front investment in software licenses, databases, servers, backup equipment, etc.You only have a monthly expense that can be easily managed within the annual budgets of the company.

Besides the benefits of having complete access to an ERP system, the on-Demand Application Software Solutions will also allow businesses to:

  1. Access the company information from anywhere at anytime since is hosted service  via the internet
  2. Manage expansion of business’ IT strategies, such as extending corporate e-mail and intranet to remote offices
  3. Automate business processes without impacting  any existing work or on-premise IT operations
  4. Provide flexibility to extend up or down based on the growth of the company without any interruption to the existing functionality
  5. Help managers and owners concentrate on the core business without worrying about the health and requirements of the IT environment.

If you’re looking for specific On-Demand ERP software information, check out the resources on the ERT Group website. You can also contact ERT Group for assistance in determining if a technology solution can help your organization better serve your business needs.

By ERT Group a Florida Microsoft Gold Certified Partner– offering Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft CRM. ERT Group  has offices in Boca Raton • Miami • Fort Lauderdale • West Palm Beach and more.

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