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In just a few weeks, the turkey will have been eaten, holiday lights back in the garage, the New Years parties will be over and your resolutions will be just starting to go out the window.  Your favorite time of the year will have arrived… the audit. 

As a former corporate accountant, I can sympathize with the annual (and quarterly) audit process and am familiar with the painful two weeks that causes your productivity to suffer because you are tending to the needs of your guests, the auditors.  Your typical days are now filled with many non-routine tasks, including running reports and, sometimes more easily than others, getting them in an acceptable electronic format, usually excel.  Then, your employees are required to spend their time digging through filing cabinets in order to provide backup documentation to accompany requests based on most of the reports that you have sent.  

Microsoft Dynamics GP can help make your audit easier and get you and your employees back to work faster.  How?  With some great built in and compatible tools.

Financial Statement Level

Microsoft FRx, the financial reporting package that comes with Dynamics GP, includes the option to export all of your reports to excel.  Even different levels of reports based on reporting units, such as departments can be exported to one file with the different levels going to different tabs within the same excel worksheet with the push of just one button.  From here you can save the files and send them on to the auditors.   

Transactional Level

Whether it is a Trial Balance or Aging report, if you don’t want to give your auditors access to your accounting system, you can use Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports.  These are web-based reports that pull directly from Dynamics GP.  There are 73 standard reports with the flexibility to create custom reports based on any criteria needed.  Any of these can also be exported to excel.  Furthermore, you could grant the auditors direct access to the report website where they could run their own reports with specified parameters rather than being in GP directly or having your employees run them.

Document Level

In addition to the standard functionality listed above, there are different document imaging solutions that integrate directly into GP.  If your auditor requests a specific document, instead of trying to locate the physical paper in a sea of file cabinet drawers and folders, you would have the capability to supply these electronically within a much shorter period of time.   With these solutions, you are able to search for and open the document within Dynamics GP and from there, view the document image and send it to the auditors.  As well as reducing the time taken by your employee to search for the document, it eliminates the time taken to re-file that stack of requested documents.

To find out more information on any of the above tips on making your audit easier or learning more about Microsoft Dynamics GP, please visit our website at  Visit the Events page to learn about upcoming workshops or the Microsoft Training page to find classes related to the above topics.  

Chelsea Kelly, Implementation Consultant, InterDyn-Artis North Carolina Microsoft Dynamics Partner.

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