Top 4 Common Characteristics of Successful ERP Software Implementations

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Written by Jim Hickey, Vice President, Altico Advisors

Much focus is placed on implementation methodologies to ensure project success. Solid planning and execution are clearly critical factors but what is equally important to success, yet does not garner the same level of attention, is your corporate climate.  Here at Altico Advisors, long experience has proven that clients who achieve a successful implementation share these common traits:

  • Executive support – If this project isn’t important to the executive team then it will not be important to the rest of the team. Executives must remind their team as to why the implementation of new accounting/ERP software is important for the company and its strategic goals.
  • Active participation of the entire project team – “No wallflowers” allowed! Every team member must voice their opinions, concerns, and requirements so that their needs can be addressed.
  • Maintain focus on business objectives – Success is seldom described as using every feature in an application. Stay focused on what needs to be accomplished vs. what can be accomplished (in other words, do it because you should not because you can).
  • 360 degree awareness
    • Be vertically aware
      • Downhill  – end users, support team
      • Uphill      -- Area managers, executive sponsor(s)
  • Be horizontally aware
    • Other user areas
      • IT, audit, etc.

If these criteria seem overly simple, trust us.  They’re often forgotten in the crush of milestones and deadlines associated with any accounting/ERP software implementation.  Check the pulse of your accounting/ERP software implementation project frequently and go back to these basics as often as necessary.  

By Altico Advisors, Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) partner specializing in Manufacturing and Distribution systems for NH companies.

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