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Barry Knaster, the Knaster Technology Group

to 2012…and beyond with Microsoft Dynamics GP!

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Set for release this weekend is the disaster/doomsday movie thriller “2012”; which chronicles the end of human civilization as predicted by the Mayan calendar.  Great.  Just as the economic recovery from the worst recession since the Great depression is finally taking place, we now have to face a cataclysmic event that will make even the current unemployment problem seem trivial (or irrelevant I suppose if none of us are here anymore anyway)

The good news is that (to date) these doomsday scenarios don’t come to pass. (remember Y2k?)

Assuming this holds true this time around, I got to thinking about what businesses will require of their ERP software in the year 2012  to ensure their profitability, success and longevity:

  • Borderless business.  Enterprise accounting will incorporate seamless, reliable and secure means to interact with customers, vendors and employees. Self service transaction processing will allow these users with different needs to directly enter, update and analyze information of specific impact to them - eliminating unnecessary delays and unneeded layers of review and approval.  
  • Business intelligence.  Companies will have an insatiable appetite for business intelligence and their solution of choice will provide countless ways of availing it.  Key performance indicators, digital dashboards, analysis cubes, relational based reporting tools – these will all be used in combination to provide exception based analytics for making cutting edge decisions. 
  • Role based interfaces.  Users will demand an interactive experience tailored to their responsibility and workflow.  Immediate access to frequently used screens, reports and graphics, on demand information queries, visibility to productivity, calendar and email applications – these will all increase day to day efficiency.  In combination with the ability to also hide or even remove unnecessary menus and clutter from their desktops, the user will transform into a true knowledge worker capable of unlimited productivity.

My prediction for the business software solution of “the future” that meets these challenges and provides these benefits? Microsoft Dynamics GP!   

Why?  Because these features already exist in Dynamics GP today.  

The Knaster Technology Group can help you utilize these Dynamics GP technologies now to make certain your business survives to 2012 -  and beyond!

By The Knaster Technology Group, Colorado based Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner

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