The Top 12 Reasons Why Inventory Managers/Materials Managers Use Microsoft Dynamics GP as their ERP system of choice

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I asked our inventory specialist for a top 10 list of features that an inventory manager would want in an ERP system, and she came up with 12!  All of which are features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

1.  Cycle Count Program
2.  Inbound Freight Manager
3.  Outbound Freight Manager
4.  Replenishment Lead Time
5.  Inventory Forecasting
6.  Inventory Valuation
7.  Availability of Space
8.  Quality Management (MRB, RTVs etc)
9.  Upcoming Production Requirements (Kitting)
10.  Obsolescence
11.  Inventory Turns – Slow Movers; Overstock
12.  Demand Planning

Now this is someone who has held various positions in technology, wholesale distribution, and manufacturing firms, has been in charge of purchasing, inventory control, materials management, and operations management.  So she knows the importance of planning, quality control, maximizing efficiencies, and minimizing costs. 

 The beauty of Microsoft Dynamics GP is that it is NOT a standalone inventory/materials management system.  It’s a world class accounting system with superior inventory/materials management functionality, all of which sits on a SQL database and has the ability to integrate with most any third party application that needs to be part of the mix in a given company’s overall system.  As the song goes, “Who could ask for anything more?”

By Altico Advisors, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner for Manufacturing and Distribution serving New Hampshire (NH)

4 thoughts on “The Top 12 Reasons Why Inventory Managers/Materials Managers Use Microsoft Dynamics GP as their ERP system of choice”

  1. Rod – Using GP with Willoware:
    1. There are places to track Item revision levels in the system. Meaning the user can easily find what the current revision level of an item.
    2. WilloWare offers add on products that allow the user to buy a specific Revision and sell a specific Revision of the Item. You can see what the Rev is supposed to be upon PO Receipt for instance. It also offers Revision history……what was the Rev and when was it changed.
    3. If the user wants to run a report and see what rev(s) they have in stock of an item……well, we typically do that with Lot Numbers or serialization. For instance, the Lot Number would have its last segment contain the Item’s Rev:

    • Lot Number KS023423-A would mean that the item was at Revision A
    • Lot Number KS045344-B would mean that the item was at Revision B

  2. With regards to Microsoft Dynamics GP, is there a way to accomodate the “revision level” for part numbers and finished product from incoming receiving thru final product inspection and shipping?



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