Taking on “Green” Accounting Practices with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Between environmentally-friendly manufacturing, sustainable building, energy efficient innovations, and lowering carbon emissions it seems like everyone is adopting “green” initiatives.  In business, green is the new black.   But is there any way that a company’s financial operations can take on a “green” routine?  Of course it can, by simply reducing the amount of paper, ink and energy that is being used.   How can Microsoft Dynamics GP support that initiative?  By adding the correct combination of third-party ISV solutions to a Microsoft Dynamics GP solution any department using the software can quickly reduce their “carbon footprint.”

First, you need to consider how to address incoming paper – all those invoices, employment applications, and employee change forms that are sitting on desks and in cluttered filing cabinets.  These documents should all be scanned as they come in, filed into an integrated document management solution, and then shredded for recycling. Better yet, ask your vendors, applicants and employees to submit documents electronically.  This not only reduces the amount of waste a company creates, it reduces the amount of paper that a company has to store, maintain and protect.  Several ISVs offer document management that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP including ImageTag’s KwikTag software.

Second, consider how to lower the amount of paper generated.  Third party ISVs have developed tools to allow emailing of invoices, earnings statements and electronic payment notifications.  And if you are still printing W-2s, distribute them electronically too.  ISV solutions that support these practices are Greenshades, Accountable, and Integrity Data.  Also, get rid of paper checks altogether with a combination of EFT for Payables and Payroll Direct Deposit.  And allow employees to view their earnings statements, update their information and more through the Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Portal.  These options are available within Microsoft Dynamics GP itself.

Finally, make sure you only purchase computers and equipment that meets the ENERGY STAR requirements.  According to the EPA: If all computers sold in the United States meet the ENERGY STAR requirements the savings in energy costs will grow to more than $2 billion each year and greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by the equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions from nearly 3 million vehicles.”   Make sure everyone is taking advantage of Power Management features that place computers (CPU, hard drive, monitors etc.) into a low-power “sleep mode” after a designated period of inactivity. Of course, turning off computers and lights at night could certainly save the company and the planet even more in energy costs.

If you need a Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting software Partner that can bring “green” tools and processes together with a complete solution for your business, email AIM Technologies at sales@aim-technologies.com.

by Aim Technologies - Louisiana Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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