Dynamics GP Makes Reports "Excel lent"

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Dynamics GP Makes Reports "Excel lent"

Reporting on your financial data should be easy, and what could be easier than using Office Excel?  One of the most popular tools in use today, Excel offers many advantages over other reporting packages.  For most finance professionals, when faced with a new reporting challenge, the first impulse is to turn to Excel.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, your first impulse is now an integral part of the reporting environment.  The data has already been captured with Dynamics GP, now you can transform that data into useful information!  With Excel based reporting, decision makers can have access to current data at any time, and a refresh of the data could not be any simpler.

Put everyone in your organization in touch with vital business information. Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers system-wide access to relevant reports in one easy-to-use list, enables you to create and customize inquiries using SmartList favorites and SmartList Builder and helps meet exact reporting requirements with Microsoft Office Excel and the Office Excel Report Builder.

Reports Lists

• Get started right away.  The Report List functions like all the other navigation lists in Microsoft Dynamics GP, so it’s easy to use from the start.

• View or create Office Excel reports.

• Modify, view or create new Report Writer reports.

• Create or download new Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services reports.

• Set up views that save the search criteria you have entered.

• Grant or deny access to the Report List.

• Access all file types from the Report List.

Smartlists and Smartlist Builder

• Gain more control and flexibility over search capabilities.

• Create custom lists not included in SmartList favorites using SmartList Builder.

• Use more than 200 SmartList favorites that ship with the product to provide quick access to commonly used data.

• Add or remove columns that appear in the favorites list.

• Export SmartList data to Microsoft Office Word or Office Excel.

Office Excel Report Builder

• Provide your staff with more than 200 Office Excel reports that ship with Microsoft Dynamics GP, including the data connections and Excel files.

• View and launch files stored in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 from within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

• Build custom Office Excel lists that connect to source data enabling real time reporting of your Microsoft Dynamics GP business information within Office Excel.

• Quickly transform SmartLists into Office Excel reports or Office Excel Reports into SmartLists, saving time and meeting user-specific information needs.

There are numerous benefits to deploying Office Excel as your primary reporting tool, including:

Gaining insight for better decision making.

Quickly link data from Microsoft Dynamics GP and organize information the way you want. For example, combine and link data from up to 32 separate tables, including third-party dictionaries.  Hide details for easier viewing and reveal relationships from many sources.

Performing advanced data analysis.

Integrated mathematical functions make it easy to add calculated fields to your SmartList windows. Combine data and create SmartLists and Office Excel reports from other modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP or third-party dictionaries.  You can gain instant insights by counting your records, calculating sums and more.

Creating defaults for a more user-friendly environment.

SmartList Builder enables you to add fixed restrictions to your datasets. You can select which fields are displayed by default, as well as which terms are available in selection lists.  Incorporate “Go To” buttons that take you to associated records within other tables.

Generating customized report presentations.

Use the Excel Report Builder to access and analyze real-time data from Microsoft Dynamics GP and take advantage of Office Excel’s deep formatting capabilities and familiar interface.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office Excel, your team will enjoy the benefits of a very functional accounting system and the ease of use and extremely powerful analytical tools of Excel.   Learn more about these powerful reporting tools and how you can leverage them to make better business decisions.

By TMC, your Southern California Micorsoft Dynamics GP  Partner

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