What To Expect When You Are Expecting (To Get New Accounting/ERP Software)

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This is the first blog I’m writing for the ERP Software Blog site as a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner from St. Paul, MN.  Through these blogs, I’ll be exploring many different aspects of Microsoft Dynamics GP from different perspectives.   As an ERP consultant with over 20 years of working on an extensive array of ERP systems, I’ll be offering up viewpoints on the aspects of Dynamics GP I like as well as other aspects which are less compelling.  I’ll also be exploring what a new GP client can expect from the software experience from implementation through day to day usage.

As a company changes, whether it is due to growth, maturation or a change in business direction, there comes a time when a new accounting software system to run the business is needed.  Quite often, it is determined that a full-fledged ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is what is required.  As with most business decisions,  the choice of an ERP should not come lightly or quickly, but rather through a thorough and complete ERP software selection process.   Too often choices are made for the wrong or improper reason and the implementation of the ERP fails.   We’ll more than likely get into reasons for failures in later blogs,  but for now keep in mind that the two biggest reasons are the wrong fit and an underestimation of the task ahead.   When the ERP is chosen properly and expectations are set appropriately, a successful implementation does happen.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is not necessarily software for every company (although with the assorted ISV’s more options for fit are available than your average ERP) and your buying decision should be made based on your needs.  Every vendor wants to achieve sales, but the vendor that focuses on fit first allow for success.   In future blogs, I’ll be covering areas of frustration with sales, implementations, daily use and upgrades that companies may experience and hopefully relay how these frustrations were alleviated.

by Meritude, Minnesota Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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