The Top 10 Reasons CFOs and CPAs Use Microsoft Dynamics GP Accounting Software

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I asked our CFO, who comes from a public accounting background and is a CPA, what the top 10 features are that a CFO would want in an accounting/ERP system.  He’s a Letterman fan, so he gave them to me in the popular countdown format.  Here is his unedited list:

10.  Ability to track customer credit lines and insure we are not increasing our exposure
9.    Ability to know what inventory shortages exist and be aware of them as they happen
8.   Ability to assemble the financial reporting package for the Board
7.   Ability to identify slow moving inventory items
6.   Ease in which to export data to Excel spreadsheets for analysis
5.   Ability to interface with Microsoft Office
4.   Ability to track customers’ purchasing behavior on a product by product basis
3.  Ability to break out information by segment
2.   Ability to generate relevant information from raw data
1.  And the number one reason is:  The ability to access the information I need, when I need it and how I need to see it without requiring significant effort from the IT department or the Accounting Department staff to generate it.

In my role, I speak with literally dozens of prospects every week.  And I would concur that our CFO’s number 1 point above is the most common complaint I hear from finance professionals about the shortcomings of their current system, be it QuickBooks (compare QuickBooks and Dynamics GP), Peachtree, Sage MAS90/200/500 (compare MAS90/200 and Dynamics GP), or whatever.  Access to information (not just data) is a key reason for evaluating Microsoft Dynamics GP.  It’s what keeps the C-level executives up at night.  Hopefully with the right system in place, these executives have peace of mind.  They can stay up and watch Letterman if they choose to.  Or they can get a good night’s sleep.

 By Altico Advisors, Dynamics GP Partner for Manufacturing and Distribution serving New Hampshire

2 thoughts on “The Top 10 Reasons CFOs and CPAs Use Microsoft Dynamics GP Accounting Software”

  1. Not misleading at all. Simply the opinion of one CFO based on his experience and background. There was no claim made that other ERP systems can't do the same.

    As far as shipping and receiving modules, Dynamics GP is a solution that meets the requirements of companies in a variety of industry sectors. But, allow to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, since one software package "can't please all of the people all of the time," Dynamics integrates seamlessly with literally hundreds of modules produced by Independent Software Vendors, specifically for GP. Thousands of distribution companies run their businesses on Dynamics GP. Obviously, their shipping and receiving needs are being met.

  2. Luis Garcia-Blasquez

    These top 10 reasons are misleading. Most ERP systems and specially SAGE comply those 10 reasons. Sage ERP can export to EXCEL, break information by segments, etc.

    A terrible thing of GP Dynamics is the lack of Shipping and Receiving modules.

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