New White Paper Shows How To Increase Productivity Across Your Organization

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Are you using your current systems to their full effectiveness?  A new White Paper, “Squeeze Out Every Drop of Productivity: The Managers Empowerment Guide to Improve Departmental Efficiency” outlines some common mistakes that are made in organizations and how to fix or avoid them.

Managers are often not made aware of the functional updates in new versions, so many of the business operation improvements that the software could deliver are not being realized. Managers cope with overstretched IT departments that have to focus on maintaining hardware and software instead of thinking proactively about how software can support process improvement.

Broadpoint works with companies in a variety of industries (such as professional services, government, associations, non profits and technology organizations). And we see that dealing with cutbacks has become a way of life for most of them!  But creative managers can help their teams thrive even in these challenging times. Most organizations have barely tapped the potential of the office productivity software that they already own – there is plenty of room to squeeze. Adopting and incorporating currently owned software that supports collaboration and workflow can drive dramatic improvements in productivity.

Download the White Paper to learn how.

by Elaine Crooks, BroadPoint Technologies, Washington D.C.


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