Named Printers: Making Dynamics GP Printing Easy

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The Named Printers feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP provides additional printer control to the system administrator and users of the application. Using Named Printers, your system administrator can assign specific printers to particular users, tasks, and/or companies. Doing this eliminates the need for a user to repeatedly choose which printer to use when printing reports, checks, SmartLists, and other items. This comes in very useful for those who have a dedicated forms printer or workstations with personal printers attached.


Assigning Named Printers is also easy! To setup Named Printers, open the Named Printers window—to open this window, click Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> System >> Named Printers.

When accessing the Named Printers feature for the first time, you will be asked to enter a Machine ID and de-fault printer information in the Named Printer Options window. Enter the Computer name of your machine here (this can be found by navigating to the Windows Control Panel and opening the System window). The Setup Named Printers window opens. Click Assign to open the Assign Named Printers window used to assign printers to specific tasks, and to typically assign an individual printer for a specific Microsoft Dynamics GP task.


For example, in Payables Management many people use a dedicated check printer. Instead of switching printer output at the time of processing, the printer for the check printing process is predefined in Named Printers. This helps to eliminate mistakes since the correct printer is set to use defaults for the assigned task. Also, the number of copies to print or specific trays can be designated.


Printers can also be defined for each user and company within Microsoft Dynamics GP, making printing errors less likely and simplifying the reporting processes. For additional information on setting up application printers, consult the System Manager print manual available from the Help menu in Microsoft Dynamics GP, or contact your local Dynamics GP Partner.


By REACH-Solutions - Arkansas Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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