Microsoft Announces Beta Program for Migrations from Microsoft FRx Reporter to NEW Management Reporter Module for Microsoft Dynamics ERP (GP)

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Microsoft is working with their Dynamics GP Partners to enroll their customers to be Beta sites for the migration from the current preeminent FRx Financial Reporting Module to the wizard-based Manager Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP.  We know this move has been planned for a very long time - and we understand that change can be scary for users.   So, the fact that Microsoft is eager to step closely with both partners and customers to migrate from our beloved FRx Financial Reporting module to a new world, is comforting.

We have started to canvas our customer base to select eager customers looking forward to moving to this new best of bread tool.  Here is a Microsoft blog entry announcing the Management Reporter Beta program.

The design of Management Reporter is geared to:

  • Accelerate the reporting design process
  • Eliminate the need to create/format new reports by using quick update method
  • Securely manage/distribute access to reports through central report library
  • Provide either summarized or drill down transaction level details
  • Support regulatory reporting requirements like GAAP and IFRS
  • Enable Cross-entity business views across multiple servers

Beta partners and customers are asked for both IT and application feedback.  Although existing customers can continue to use FRx for their financial report needs after upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 11.0, Microsoft is confident that this powerful, yet easy-to-use Management Reporter will take customers where they need to be.  Management Reporter will deliver to customers an instant, information-empowered, analysis-able environment. 

We’ll share the migration, installation, and implementation details we hear about and experience ourselves with both our blog members and customers.  So, watch this ERP Software blog’s tags!  We are sure other partners will share key information and knowledge as in this previous Management Reporter blog entry from Premier Computing

By Abra Lynne Gilman, Borek Business Solutions, GP Oregon Microsoft Partner

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