ERP Software Churn—Microsoft Dynamics versus NetSuite

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We have clients who started on Great Plains Accounting (DOS or Macintosh) in the early 1990’s, migrated to Dynamics, and continue to use Microsoft Dynamics GP to this day.  We have a high percentage of our clients using Computeration and Dynamics for well over a decade and many using it for over 15 years.

Churn is the market term for turnover of clients and is a strong indicator of the health of the software, delivery platform, support, and training for a product.  Through the business process analysis, demonstration of features, prototype, and deployment of a flexible product like Dynamics, you end up with well satisfied customers.  Add to that reliable support, a strong software roadmap from the developer, and continued investment in the upgrade of the product, and you end up with a solid product usable for a very long time.

A good analysis of NetSuite churn is offered by Jason Carter in his blog.  One must step back from that analysis and ask why the customers are leaving the product so quickly in such high numbers.  The comments on the blog post are as informative as the article itself.

An independent analysis of the Microsoft Dynamics Product Roadmaps shows the long-term investment being made in the product line, indicating strong support of Dynamics GP all the way out to version 14—a product life stretching from 1993 to 2014.  A product that stays on the market this long indicates there are many happy customers with reasonable options to easily add to their product with developer features and third-party products at an economical cost.

Another sign of a stable, long-term product is the number of third-party product developers following it.  Developers get into the guts of product to determine if they want to interface their vertical product or complimentary module to it.  Dynamics has a following of thousands of developers.

Pick a long term product and GP partner with Computeration in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest.

by Computeration - Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner serving Idaho

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