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The Balloon Boy escapade which has captivated the attention and ire of millions continues to provide new twists at every turn.  The latest developments claim the entire event was an elaborate hoax – a publicity stunt geared to trick the public into believing that the boy was on board the balloon during its two hour flight through the beautiful Colorado countryside. 

I am sure that sorting through the actual facts of this bizarre incident will take quite some time, but with Halloween just about a week away I thought it timely to address some hoaxes and rather scary misconceptions about ERP software that often trick the unsuspecting buyer into making a frightening decision. 

Trick: ERP software is meant to only last 4 to 5 years. After that companies should plan on acquiring a new business software solution.

Treat: I have many clients on Dynamics Great Plains with 15+ years using the solution. They initially started with the DOS or MAC version, upgraded to Windows and ultimately implemented  Business Portal and other business intelligence analytic tools.  Dynamics GP continues to provide these companies the information necessary for critical and profitable decision making. 

Trick: Software as a service (SAAS)  is the wave of the future so it’s time to replace your premise based solution with cloud computing.

Treat: While it is true that SAAS solutions provide an alternate means of ERP deployment, the reality is that market share continues to grow for those products that can combine premise based solutions with cloud computing options. Dynamics GP can provide software plus services, giving the end user the choice to enable multiple methods of data access, processing and maintenance. 

Trick: Dynamics GP is going away and will be replaced by other Microsoft solutions.

Treat:  Microsoft continues to invest in future releases, Version 11 is set to release next Spring/Summer. While no one can accurately predict the end of a product life cycle, the announced plans for Dynamics GP extend far beyond the immediate future. 

Trick: QuickBooks Enterprise

Treat: No matter how you slice and dice it, QBE is a not a mainstay ERP solution capable of managing the complex business processes and data reporting needs of a robust mid market organization As your business grows in complexity, it will rapidly outgrow the inflexibility and inadequate business intelligence typical of a QuickBooks product.   Several other blogs on this site provide further detail regarding, but the good news is that migrating or trading up to the more robust Dynamics GP is a fairly straightforward  and cost effective process.  The Knaster Technology Group has transitioned over 50 customers from QuickBooks and not a single one has looked back and wondered why they did it. 

By The Knaster Technology Group, Denver based Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner

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