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Do you Distribute? 5 Questions To Ask To Know If You Do it Right!

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If you depend on efficient distribution management for your business to be successful you need to make sure you are running as good as the next guy.

For example: Are you able to track the entire sales transaction including what came out of inventory, when it is arriving from another vendor, profitability and all shipping information? Are you able to see sales patterns to customers and from the salespeople?

There are 5 main questions that every distributor should ask themselves to know if they are running the right systems to stay on top of their industry.  Click here to read the 5 questions every distributor should ask.

Elaine Crooks, BroadPoint Technologies, Washington D.C.

3 Responses to “Do you Distribute? 5 Questions To Ask To Know If You Do it Right!”

  1. erathexceero says:

    Any ideas on the best-priced Managed Service system out there?
    I searched the web and got the following:

    They all look different… Does anyone has other suggestions?
    As well had anybody else hear about that software:
    N-able remote environment manager software ?

  2. Kyle Kienzle says:

    Hi Mr. Loan,
    I would be happy to help as many software packages have strengths and weaknesses in different industries and functions. I just sent you and email and would love to connect and discuss further.

  3. Mr. Loan says:

    Do you know of a good distribution software?

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