Changing Your Accounting Software is a Pain! So Why Would Anyone Switch From Sage MAS90/200 to Microsoft Dynamics GP?

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Actually, lots of companies see real value in making the change from Sage Mas90/200 to Microsoft Dynamics GP and they can tell you why!  I really like this white paper and webcast because they tell the story of real companies with real issues and how they were resolved. 

Download the White Paper: 6 Reasons Real Companies Made The Switch From Sage MAS90/200 to Microsoft Dynamics GP"

A 16 page white paper that explains six reasons why real companies have decided to upgrade their accounting software system. It will help you compare “life with MAS90/200” to “life with Dynamics GP” and consolidate the differences into specific categories to focus on the major business benefits.

Watch the Recorded Webcast: MAS 90/200 Was Right Then, Dynamics GP is Right Now
A 60 minute webcast from Microsoft that shows 2 companies that recently migrated and a demo of relevant Microsoft Dynamics GP functionality that addresses some of the biggest MAS 90/200 pain points.

And now Microsoft has decided to sweeten the pot.  Until December 18th, 2009 you can get up to a 50% discount on Microsoft Dynamics GP user licenses PLUS a cash back rebate of up to 25% of the software cost to cover implementation services

Honestly, I have never seen a deal this good, usually Microsoft offers 10-15% off the software price and that’s all!  We just had a local Connecticut company decide to buy the software this year just to get the discount, even though they don’t intend to actually implement it until next year. (And don’t forget, Microsoft offers financing too.)

The first step would be to talk about how your current MAS90/200 system is working for you and help you determine if you would find value in a change to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Just give me a call at 860-485-0910 x3102.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

3 thoughts on “Changing Your Accounting Software is a Pain! So Why Would Anyone Switch From Sage MAS90/200 to Microsoft Dynamics GP?”

  1. That's any easy answer, Great Plains, is built on a better platform. It has a a strong ISV base and better for more vertical markets.


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