Attention QuickBooks Users – Now You Can Trade Up to Microsoft Dynamics GP

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We get one of these questions time and time again:  "Help, my Board wants me to move off of QuickBooks,  What does Dynamics GP give me that my QuickBooks doesn’t?" , or "I have outgrown QuickBooks and don’t know what to do! " Over the years Microsoft has had a tremendous success in helping customers migrate from QuickBooks to Dynamics GP.  For good reason.  Dynamics GP fits companies that are growing and need the additional functionality to manage their business.  They  need to produce Financial Statements by location/division, or keep track of inventory in multiple warehouses. Dynamics GP steps in and provides users with additional functionality, enabling their businesses to be more productive and efficient.  Most companies while going through growth and change find  converting to a new software application intimidating.  Microsoft Dynamics GP wins here again.   Although it has a lot more bells and whistles than QuickBooks, Microsoft by making their user interface similar to the Office Suite, has reduced the learning curve, enabling companies to convert and get up and running quickly without disrupting their business.   Finally, by working with an organization such as TMC to convert your data turnkey ,  it seems to reason that Microsoft has had tremendous success in this market.

If that wasn’t enough, Microsoft has just decided to sweeten the pot.   They have just released a new promotion called “Stimulate Your Business – Trade Up to Microsoft Dynamics ERP”.  This promotion is an escalating trade-in value based on the Microsoft Dynamics GP edition and number of users a customer purchases.

The offer is summarized as follows:

Purchase one Foundation Pack and 3 additional Business Ready Licenses (BRL) BE or AM user license and receive a trade in value on each new Microsoft Dynamics GP user license up to the following:

Trade in Value 4-10 Users 11-25 Users 26-50 Users
BE $350 $400 $450
AM $650 $750 $850

There are a few notes, inclusions and exclusions, but nothing to be concerned about.  This is an amazing offer!  So amazing we decided to go viral with it on Youtube.   So, if you want to have a little fun, watch the Youtube video, then call us, and see if the promotion is a smart move for your business.

by TMC, Southern California Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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