5 Beneficial Results Microsoft Dynamics GP Delivers to Health Care Providers

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As Americans debate the best options for health care reform, one fact is undisputed:  technology investments are already playing a major role in improving patient services and creating a healthy bottom line for physician groups and health care providers.  At The TM Group, we’ve been helping health care organizations both big and small gain beneficial results by making a move to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  A recent example is illustrated by one of our clients, a well-known group of orthopaedic physicians in Michigan.  The medical group is one of the most comprehensive orthopaedic centers in the Midwest comprised of seven individual practices, 30 physicians and over 270 staff members. 

By establishing small specialty practices – known as centers of excellence – the group makes it possible for physicians and staff to keep pace with leading-edge diagnostic and treatment breakthroughs while continuing to deliver personalized care. Each center has access to onsite technology, therapists, and technicians, and they share record-keeping and support staff to help maintain a continuity of care for patients requiring referrals to other specialists.

 As the organization quickly grew from a small to large practice, it was apparent that its QuickBooks software wasn’t flexible or robust enough to meet the company’s reporting and allocations requirements.  The group needed the ability to quickly pull key information per department and/or per center of excellence.  As common with many medical practices, the independent physicians are treated as separate profit and loss entities and the practice needs the ability to allocate various costs and expenses to specific physicians using complex calculations and variables.

 “We are a highly automated office, the foundation of which is our financial system, Microsoft Dynamics GP,” says the group’s finance director. “It’s critical that we have a solid technology solution in place since seamless automation is a cornerstone of our excellence. The more automated we are, the more time and energy we spend delivering better, more affordable patient services rather than performing manual tasks.”

By implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP’s financial management suite, it was easier for the physicians and staff to focus on their #1 priority of delivering high-quality patient care and services -- while reducing costs.

5 Key Benefits Microsoft Dynamics GP Delivers to Physician Groups and Health Care Providers:

  • Streamlined Processes and Increased Productivity
  • Enhanced Patient Care
  • Improved Decision-Making
  • Improved Profitability
  • Protected Investment for Future Growth

After a careful evaluation and business process review, The TM Group consultants worked with the group’s financial team and IT staff, to implement a comprehensive solution including:  Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft FRx Financial Report Writer, Mekorma MICR for Payroll/Payables, Business Computers Software Time Matrix for Payroll, KwikTag document imaging software, and NextGen Health Care Information Systems all built on a foundation of Microsoft’s core technologies of SQL Server, Windows Server, Exchange, SharePoint and Office.

Improving profitability by increasing productivity:

By implementing a solution based on Microsoft technology, the progressive practice has increased productivity by leveraging its investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP and building on its solid foundation.  The company has saved several hours a month keying in timecards by implementing an integrated time clock system.  Now with Time Matrix they can see real-time information on hourly employees.  The time clock also keeps track of wage allocation by department and cost center, eliminating the need for an estimated allocation at month end. They have also implemented a fully integrated document imaging solution from KwikTag.  Purchasing documents are scanned and automatically linked to source records in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Supporting documentation is now a click away and no longer requires manual retrieval  from a cabinet drawer. Also, the group is continuing to eliminate manual and redundant tasks by integrating its patient billing system, NextGen, with its Microsoft Dynamics GP solution.

 Streamlined Processes:

The practice needs departmental reporting that is completed quickly and with professional-looking results. Because of the nature of its structure (multiple physicians operating as independent profit and loss centers), accurate allocation reporting is a must. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, such reporting is a snap as automatic allocations are performed using standard functionality.  Direct expenses such as per day room use and help from assistants, as well as indirect expenses such as building rent and electricity, are easily and quickly allocated to the appropriate physician. Before Microsoft Dynamics GP, such allocation reporting was attempted through spreadsheets and manual calculations. The integrated posting of indirect expenses alone easily saves the accounting team two hours per month, and the chance of error is dramatically reduced.

 “Even users with no previous Microsoft Dynamics GP experience are trained and up and running in a couple days,” says the finance director. “If users have a Windows or Outlook background, they get acclimated to it very easily and quickly.”

 Improved Decision-Making:

In the past, monthly packets were prepared for physicians in a labor-intensive – and more error prone process. Today, with the help of Microsoft FRx, detailed monthly report booklets are generated without manual input and are prepared in mere minutes. Rather than printing the reports and leaving a pile of paper on the physicians’ desks, the reports are e-mailed, giving the physicians the option of accessing the reports, where and how it works best with their schedules.

Enhanced Patient Care:

With patient charts being completely electronic, information can be shared online quickly between physicians. Electronic charts have also allowed faster and more accurate information. Digital x-rays can be pulled up online rather than being manually transported from physician to physician. Ultimately, the group’s embrace of the latest technology has to offer has enabled its physicians to serve patients better through increased collaboration and decreased wait time. 

 The Future

The orthopaedic group uses a solution from NextGen Health Care Information Systems for its integrated electronic health record and practice management systems, connectivity solutions, and billing services. A major reason they chose the NextGen solution is that it’s based on Microsoft SQL Server technology, making integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP uncomplicated.  Such integration is planned in the next
few months.

For more information about this Microsoft Dynamics GP Physician Group Case Study, please contact us at The TM Group at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to send you a copy.

The TM Group is a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner in Michigan.

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