25 Questions to Assess Your Financial and Membership Management Systems

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Could you be running your organization more efficiently?

Are other organizations more efficient than yours?

What do you need to get you there?

The new 25 Question Membership and Financial Management Solution Early Assessment Worksheet can help you not only decide what you're working with but also what you need.

To know when it's time to invest in a new system or a system upgrade, you need to know what the standard is and what you need.  If the economy truly is coming back as recent reports have stated, then the most successful organizations will be the ones that have taken full stock of where they are and where they would like to be.

The Membership and Financial Management Solution Early Assessment Worksheet from BroadPoint Technologies can help Not for Profits and other membership based organizations do a self-check of their current systems.  The assessment helps you answer important questions, prioritize needs for your organization, and decipher next steps.

Some of the questions:

3.    Is it easy to identify the source of General Ledger discrepancies and correct them?

10.  Does the system support FASB 116 and 117 compliance?

To get the complete Membership and Financial Management Solution Early Assessment, Click Here

by Elaine Crooks, BroadPoint Technologies, Washington D.C.

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