You Lie – My ERP Implementation Failed!

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Civility (or rather the lack thereof) has come under fire lately, with several newsworthy and well publicized incidents capturing our attention. From Congressional  “shout outs” at the President to the interrupting of award show speeches to profanity laced outbursts from athletes (boy what a surprise that is), it seems that impolite behavior and bad manners is on an uptick and has become the status quo. Countless discussions and articles of late have addressed this topic, wondering if this offensive behavior represents further decline  in our moral standards or just a passing phase.  

I do know that in my 25 plus years of  implementing ERP systems I have witnessed many examples of poor engagement “etiquette” that can easily be avoided with some upfront due diligence and careful planning.       

For example, I consider it “bad manners” when:

  • Implementations fail from lack of fit.  Nothing is more offensive  then spending time and money to implement a business software and intellience solution that is just wrong for the business.  When evaluating ERP systems, the focus should be on “finding the fit” rather than “fitting the find”.  What this means is that a fit/gap analysis should be performed to determine if the software solution under consideration is adaptable to the existing business processes of the organization, and not the other way around.  There is always room for improvement and change, but a business should not have to change how they do business just to accommodate the requirements of the ERP solution.  Rather, the system under consideration should be able to accommodate and adapt to the changing needs of the business.  The flexibility of a solution like Dynamics GP allows your company to integrate what already works with the existing capabilities of the software while still allowing room for future growth and change
  • Inadequate upfront discovery results in poor implementation choices. There is no excuse for failing to identify upfront key business processes and reporting requirements.  These provide the structure for the implementation and the basis for the majority of the key setup decisions that are made when configuring the various business software  applications like general ledger and sales order processing. Dynamics GP provides several checklists, templates and sample reports that facilitate the discovery and documentation of these key business decisions.
  • Implementation methodology is non-existent or poorly executed. Proceeding with an ERP deployment without a clear sense of direction might be the most distasteful trait of all. I have seen many an implementation fail because of inadequate or poorly executed deployment strategies.  Microsoft offers its customers and partners a proven approach, called Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step, which encompasses all aspects of an engagement (diagnostic, analysis, design, development, deployment, operation)and if properly executed just about guarantees the chances of a successful implementation.

When evaluating the right ERP system and deployment partner for your business, be sure to consider these factors so that you don’t become victim to a failed implementation that will inevitably cause you to act in an uncivilized manner.

By The Knaster Technology Group, Colorado Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) Partner

3 thoughts on “You Lie – My ERP Implementation Failed!”

  1. Barry,

    Well said!We get to see many companies just go with a scope included with the proposal without just doing proper diagnostics like requirements study, Fit/Gap analysis so on. End of the day, success is just a myth.

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