Why Microsoft Forecaster Is A Better Budgeting Tool Than Excel

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Setting realistic financial expectations requires valid data and current assumptions that are closely aligned with a sound business plan. Microsoft Forecaster allows front-line managers to build budgets that are based on their specific objectives and first-hand knowledge of market conditions. The result is improved accuracy and a higher level of commitment to the budget. And as the business climate changes, managers can respond more effectively by adjusting forecasts and budgets.

Realize these Benefits from Microsoft Forecaster as your Budgeting solution:

  • Working with a shared application allows collaboration and is easier than sending Microsoft Excel spreadsheets back and forth. 
  • Forecaster Workflow creates a more efficient budgeting process by using e-mail notifications when budgeting milestones have been achieved.
  • Forecaster reporting, combined with FRx Reporter with DirectLink, provide more flexible and effective feedback than other standard reporting packages or simple spreadsheets.
  • Forecaster sub-ledger detail, including Human Resources information, Revenue calculations, Line Item details or Capital information, all provide optional supporting details for summary GL budget amounts.
  • Forecaster ExpressLink integration with Dynamics GP allows quick and straightforward integration of systems.
  • Data entry can be accomplished using several methods including data import templates, quick keys for manual entries, and user defined spread methods, calculations and allocations.
  • Application access can be accomplished using server client or an intranet web browser connection.
  • ‘What if’ analysis facilitates comparison of various budget-to-actual scenarios.
  • Forecaster can be configured to provide each user a unique data entry view to the shared budgeting, eliminating line items not relevant to them.
  • Forecaster reporting’s ‘Edit Mode’ allows users to edit budget data from within the report itself, saving the user from toggling back and forth between data entry and report views.
  • Excel Add In that allows quick import or export of data.  This really makes it easier to get data into the system

Crestwood Associates is a leader in providing Microsoft Forecaster budgeting solutions in the Chicago Area.  Test Drive the Microsoft Forecaster budgeting tool.  Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss your budgeting needs.

By John Cooper, Project Manager, at your Chicago Area Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner, Crestwood Associates.

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