New version of Dynamics GP, New Financial Report Building Tool.

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There is word going around that the new upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics GP V11, or Dynamics GP 2010 as it will be known, will not include the familiar financial report building tool, FRx. Instead, Microsoft will be replacing FRx with a new tool called Management Reporter. Management Reporter (aka MR) has been designed to look, feel and act just like FRx, so the learning curve for most should be fairly small. Management Reporter will also be written in a better language and run on a SQL database instead of an Access database. 

If you are a current Dynamics GP user you will have the option of either FRx or the new Management Reporter tool when you upgrade your current system to Dynamics GP 2010. New customers, however, will receive Management Reporter with their new system without FRx being an option.  

There is also some word that Forecaster will also eventually be rolled into a later version of Management Reporter.  

In time, Management Reporter should eventually become a much stronger tool than FRx. But, as always, it is hard to say goodbye to something that has worked so well for so many. But don’t panic if you are not going to let your beloved FRx go so easily. Microsoft has plans to support FRx through the Dynamics GP V10 support cycle which should end sometime around October 2017. So you will be able to can keep using your trusted report building friend a little while longer.

As always, if you have any questions about these new Dynamics GP tools and changes, the best place to get answers is a Certified Microsoft Partner.

by Premier Computing, Utah Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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