Microsoft Dynamics GP Achieves 18% Performance Increase Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008

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When researching financial management systems, transaction processing speed and system scalability are important criteria. You need to know your new system will be able to easily handle existing transaction loads, and manage significant increases as your business grows.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed to work with Windows Server, Windows client operating systems, and Microsoft SQL Server.  Microsoft Dynamics™ GP delivers a business system that can scale with growing organizations by successfully handling massive amounts of transactions and data when taking advantage of Microsoft SQL Server 2008.If you like benchmarks and testing and charts you will love this new white paper from Microsoft called Microsoft Dynamics® GP 10.0 Benchmark Performance: Advantages of Microsoft ® SQL Server ® 2008 with Compression. This report  shows how Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 showed an 18% increase in performance through upgrading from SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition to SQL Server 2008 Enterprise edition. 

By CAL Business Solutions, Dynamics GP Partner serving Connecticut, CT

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Dynamics GP Achieves 18% Performance Increase Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008”

  1. Anya ... thanks for the post, as a vendor providing a service to GP VARS, it is an example of the information sources that I need to better provide my services. The blog as a whole is a great asset. Thanks!!

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