How Using the Right Accounting Software Can Improve Your Decision Making by 93%!

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Are your business decisions based on your business data or your business information?

In most companies, the task of capturing data in the form of business transactions, is relegated to a fairly small percentage of the total workforce.  In many companies, as few as 15% of the total workforce might have direct access to the company’s accounting system.  (Actually, the 15% figure represents those employees that have a User ID and password.  Typically, about half of these employees actually USE their system).  This leaves 85% of your workforce (and perhaps as many as 93%) with no direct access to the accounting system, the data it holds, and the information they need.

Accounting systems are, by their very nature, very good at capturing data such as payables transactions, accounts receivable and cash receipts.  Every day, your systems are capturing more and more data.  But capturing raw data is only a small part of the total needs and requirements for an ERP system.  It is the ability to transform that data into information, and to then make that information readily available to your decision makers, that is the true measure.

How then, do those 93% of your employees get the information they need to make decisions and run the business?  Choices include: paper reports, produced and distributed by the accounting staff?  E-mails and inter-office requests?  Casual conversations in the hallways?  How many decisions are being made without the benefit of access to the data already in your system?

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, we are committed to “extending the reach” of the accounting system.  By converting all of the data in the system into actionable information, made readily available to the entire workforce, and easily accessible thru their preferred software productivity suite.

Businesses need solutions that reflect the way people really work—the tasks they perform, the information they use, the tools and formats that make sense for their individual jobs and that help them work more productively. The guiding principles behind Microsoft Dynamics GP are designed to meet those needs. They are the foundation for a solution that offers a personalized user experience, deep interoperability with the applications people use every day, and deployment options that fit customers’ specific organizational needs.

Microsoft Dynamics GP and the Microsoft® Office system work together to help people optimize productivity, access and analyze information, and collaborate and connect secure­ly across the entire organization—regardless of whether they’re working in Microsoft Dynamics GP or other applications. Microsoft Dynamics GP combines robust business management capabilities with products and technologies that include:

Microsoft Office system productivity, analysis, and communications applications, including Office Excel, Office Word, Office Outlook, and Office PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, offering powerful collaboration, workflow, and document management that reaches across internal teams, departments, and beyond to customers, suppliers, and partners.

Additional Microsoft Office system products and technologies, including Office Visio, Office InfoPath, Microsoft MapPoint, and more.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, people can review, edit, and manipulate data using Office Excel, one of the world’s most familiar spreadsheet applications. By taking advantage of Office Excel for data analysis, people working within Microsoft Dynamics GP can quickly provide information to decision makers and stakeholders who aren’t logged into the system, extending business intelligence across the entire organization.

Communicate with your Customers, Vendors and Employees using Office Word as your letter writing tool.  Connected to your Dynamics GP database, quickly and easily create letters and deliver them via e-mail with Office Outlook.

Your employees can now access the information they need to make decisions and move your business forward with the tools and software available on 95% of the desktops in American businesses.

Minimize the learning curve, and eliminate the fear of the unknown, for new employees.  Significantly reduce the strain on your accounting and finance team, as they will no longer be the primary report-generation and report-delivery group for your company.

We have provided an outstanding White Paper on the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 to Extend the Reach within your organization.

 By TMC – Southern California Dynamics GP Partner

How Using the Right Accounting Software Can Improve Your Decision Making by 93%!

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