Free Buyers Guide Proves that Selecting Business Software Doesn’t Have to be Painful

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Selecting business software (also known as financial management software, business management sofware, accounting software, ERP..take your pick) can be a challenging task. Some of the issues that can make this a confusing project is that there are more and more options available for software every year and there are an overwhelming number of alternatives for implementation vendors. The Essential Guide for Selecting Today’s Business Software will take some of the mystery out of the process of selecting software.

This guide will provide valuable street-smart information as you evaluate software and vendors. After each topic presented, there are specific questions to address with vendors as you move through your project. There are no “safe choices” anymore. Your best protection is a thorough due diligence review of vendors and their applications. Best wishes in your software selection project.

If you are located in the southwest, contact Sherwood Systems at (877) 943-9696 for assistance in determining if  Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) is the right solution for your organization.

By Sherwood Systems – Arizona Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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