Cash for Clunkers - Time to Trade in Your old ERP software?

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The overwhelming success of the government sponsored cash for clunkers automobile incentive program has everyone thinking of what else can be “traded” in for something better. Manufacturers, distributors and vendors are getting extremely creative in offering their customers opportunities to benefit from the economic downturn by replacing outdated or ineffective “technology” with something newer and more efficient. 

Microsoft has jumped on this bandwagon also, offering varying incentives for “trading in” your existing ERP solution for Dynamics GP (Great Plains) One such offer is the switch and save rebate for MAS 90/200, which gives existing SAGE customers the opportunity  to trade in their existing system for a brand, spanking new, Dynamics GP system. Other Microsoft offers provide discounts and rebates for purchasing new ERP systems of a certain user size. 

Cost savings aside, there are several other benefits to trading in your existing ERP software for a new Dynamics GP system:

  • Improved technology, based on the latest industry innovations
  • Accessible and meaningful business intelligence and dashboard metrics
  • Streamlined, role-based user interfaces that promote efficient day to day processing
  • Reporting tools for the end user, not programmers
  • Easy sharing of information with other industry leading technologies like Microsoft Word, Excel and Sharepoint 

The time has never been better to consider trading in your existing ERP system for Dynamics GP.                                    Doing so puts you in the driver’s seat and on the road to more effective and efficient utilization of your critical business information.

By The Knaster Technology Group, Colorado Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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