4 Benefits of an Annual Enhancement Plan for Dynamics GP

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When you are considering the purchase of a new ERP system, it is very important to also consider the annual enhancement plan, sometimes referred to as annual maintenance.  Be sure you know the costs and the benefits of the plan, and factor these into your overall decision matrix.  A failure to understand and make use of the benefits can have a significant impact on your overall satisfaction with your decision.

There are 4 things your annual enhancement plan should cover:

  1. Product enhancements and upgrades.  Your enrollment in the plan should automatically provide you with access to the new product releases, the latest updates, and all service packs and patches.
  2. Web-accessible knowledge base.  Make sure your enhancement plan provides you with an easy to use, searchable tool for accessing commonly asked questions, and resolutions to common errors.  Providing this information directly to your employees can dramatically reduce the time it takes to find the answer they need.
  3. On-line training.  After you have implemented your new system, be sure your employees have access to on-line training to further develop and expand their knowledge of the product.  This training should be free to you, and available 24 hours a day.
  4. No hidden costs.  At the time of your implementation, you should be assured that you know all of the on-going costs, and if there will be any increases over time.  This will allow you to plan and budget accurately for future years.

The Business Ready Enhancement Plan for Microsoft Dynamics GP provides all of these benefits.  The costs are known up front, as they are a fixed percentage of your initial software investment.  There are no annual increases, so the cost in year three is the same as in year one.

Your employees have access to CustomerSource, an on-line tool providing access to a searchable, detailed knowledge base, on-line training, and a strong user community to provide additional contact and information.  Product updates and new versions are included in your annual maintenance plan, so staying current with the enhancement plan guarantees you access to the latest tools and updates.

Protect your investment, maximize your benefits and continuously increase your employee satisfaction by enrolling in the Business Ready Enhancement Plan for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

By TMC – Southern California Dynamics GP Partner

4 Benefits of an Annual Enhancement Plan for Dynamics GP

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