The Virtual World is Here…And It Supports Dynamics GP!

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The evolution of Second Life and the virtual world has migrated over to the business world.  Virtualization is one of the hottest topics out there and now it has arrived for Microsoft Dynamics. Hyper-V Virtualization allows you to virtualize your Microsoft Dynamics GP server while still being in a supported environment.

Virtual machine technology enables multiple operating systems to run concurrently on a single machine.  Hyper-V, a key feature of Windows Server 2008, enables one or more operating systems to run simultaneously on the same physical system.  Hyper-V, unlike VMWare, supports Microsoft Dynamics GP.

What does this mean for my business?

  • Reduced server licensing costs through the consolidation of multiple servers on a single system,
  • Minimized scheduled and unscheduled downtime with live backup and quick migration,
  • Rapid and reliable disaster recovery across multiple data centers using dispersed clustering capabilities

Interested in learning more? Contact your local, New Jersey Great Plains Partner – SBS Group to discuss virtualizing your Dynamics GP solution today!

By: SBS Group – New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

2 thoughts on “The Virtual World is Here…And It Supports Dynamics GP!”

  1. Yes, Microsoft Dynamics will operate on VM Ware - there is no questions about that. People run it all the time. However, you are taking a risk putting a very complex accounting software package on an unsupported framework. Hyper-V will support Microsoft Dynamics and can give Dynamics users support if it is needed.

  2. Dynamics support on VMware is not the responsibility of VMWare. The only reason it has not been certified on VMWare to this point is because MS has chosen not to. This is by no means a shortcoming of VMWare.

    There are many out there running it on VMWare now and taking the risk of a support issue as this is the infrastructure they have in place. Those running VMWare see little reason to deploy a new virtualization solution simply because MS takes there time certifying thier own products for any virtualization solution outside of thier own.

    To make the statement " Hyper-V, unlike VMWare, supports Microsoft Dynamics GP." accurate, it would have to read. " Hyper-V, unlike VMWare, is supported for Microsoft Dynamics GP deployment. Not because it will not work, but because MS is content in alienating thier own customers whom have chosen to use the market leading virtualization solution.

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