Quality Technology Services Manages Growth and Scaleability with Microsoft Dynamics GP and OmniVue

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Leading Data Center and Managed Service Provider Strengthens Financial
Data Security and Simplifies Reporting Processes with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Leading data center and managed service provider, Quality Technology Services (QualityTech), has selected OmniVue to implement a 30-seat, on-premise, Microsoft Dynamics GP financial and business management solution. The financial management system deployment will enable QualityTech to streamline business processes, assure adherence to corporate governance policies for data security and speed financial reporting activities by up to 25%.

Key benefits of QualityTech’s new Microsoft Dynamics GP solution include:  

  • Role-based data security for QualityTech’s 30-member financial team
  • Comprehensive integration of QualityTech’s custom software solutions for managed service billing and contract management
  • Centralized information retention and control for enhanced security and a dramatic reduction in repetitive manual processes
  • Streamlined report generation which significantly speeds end of month close processes

Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, QualityTech is a full service technology infrastructure company providing managed services, data center services, and professional services to businesses. It operates more than two million square feet of data center space in 11 strategically located facilities throughout the United States. Via these facilities, QualityTech provides day-to-day IT operational support and data center expertise to customers, allowing them to focus on growing their business.

“The dynamics of our business are very complex and as a result we needed a financial management solution that delivered the flexibility to support the multiple aspects of our business both today and tomorrow,” said Jay Ketterling, CFO, QualityTech. “In addition, we needed to assure that any new financial program would help us to build process efficiencies, optimize reporting and enhance financial security.”

With exponential growth and increasing business complexities, QualityTech was facing mounting challenges with the scaleability of its QuickBooks solution. Specifically, the company realized that it was maintaining critical information across multiple repositories and as a result data security and reporting was becoming more complex. Custom systems for its data center billing and resource tracking were not integrated into the core financial management program, requiring tedious manual inputting. Furthermore, it was not possible to implement necessary financial management security controls by assigning separate security rights to its growing financial team.

To streamline its financial processes and implement new security controls, QualityTech selected an on-premise implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP after evaluating multiple financial management packages. Microsoft Dynamics GP integrates easily into QualityTech’s Microsoft infrastructure and meets its critical needs for reporting ease of use and scalability. Using expert implementation and deployment services from OmniVue, QualityTech will integrate its custom billing and contract management software into Dynamics GP resulting in a comprehensive, end-to-end solution. As a result, QualityTech  will  centralize its financial and business management information into a single solution that features the role-based security they need as well as advanced reporting features that improve overall business insight and decision making.

“By selecting Microsoft Dynamics GP from OmniVue we have met all of our requirements for process improvement, security and reporting,” said Erin Birge, director of accounting for QualityTech. “We have also benefited greatly from the experience of OmniVue’s financial application experts for superior custom integration services and technical support. With their help we will have a system that is truly optimized for our business.”

By OmniVue Business Solutions, Atlanta, Georgia Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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