Now Is A Great Time To Invest In A New ERP System

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You may be asking yourself how can I think about spending money on a new ERP system in this economy?

The truth is, it‘s the perfect time to replace your inefficient, out-dated legacy system with a new one that provides easier and better access to the critical information that will help your business jump ahead of the competition as the economy moves out of the current recession. Companies often upgrade to new software when they are busiest and feel the pain of limitations of their older system the most – but that is when they have the least time and resources available to make the change and learn how to take advantage of the new capabilities.

If you’re struggling with an ineffective system yet are reluctant to make a change because you think it will cost too much and/or it will be too disruptive, think again.  Now, when business is less hectic, is the time to prepare for the coming recovery. And it may be a lot more affordable than you think.

We see a lot of companies investing in new technology now. If you’re a growing business looking to move from other systems such as Sage MAS 90 or 200, read more on how other companies have benefited from investing in a more advanced ERP system such as Microsoft Dynamics GP.

By ERT Group - Florida Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

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