Microsoft Dynamics GP with Windows 7 - It Just Works!

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by Charles Ray, Senior Systems Specialist, CAL Business Solutions

Windows 7 is here!  Officially releasing to the general public on October 23, Microsoft's new OS (Operating System) has been released to partners so we can help our clients know and learn.  I have been actively using Windows 7 Beta, Release Candidate, and now the RTM (Release to Manufacturing).  It still continues to amaze me with its speed, reliability, and good looks.  Yes, I know that appearance is secondary to performance, but having gone through the days of Hercules CRT Monitors and the (then) ground-breaking 800x600 VGA 16-color display, appearance is important to me. Anyone remember (or still use) Great Plains Accounting for DOS?  Have we got an accounting software migration treat for you!!!

Microsoft Dynamics GP and Window 7 are a great match.  Not only does the application look great, but it runs faster and more reliably than ever before.  For those of you that want to keep multiple GP windows open, they now group nicely on the taskbar, allowing a quick visual selection of exactly the one you need.

While Windows Vista was overburdened with eye candy and attempts to protect the user from him/herself, Windows 7 has dispensed with many of the superfluous and annoying 'features' and delivered a solid OS for the business world.  If you're already using Vista, you're good to upgrade, although a fresh install will generally yield better performance due to the inevitable clutter that accumulates through constant Windows use.

For those companies (most of you, I know) that have held on to Windows XP, this is the time to move forward.  There is no approved upgrade path directly from XP to Windows 7, so the question is whether to wipe and reinstall your old XP workstation.  If it is 3 or 4 years old, probably not, as the OS does come with minimum hardware requirements, so my recommendation would be to switch when you get your next new PC or Notebook.

If asked to sum up my impressions of Windows 7 and whether to deploy in your business, my comment would be 'It just works'. 'Nuf said.

And if you use Windows 7 with Microsoft Dynamics GP , even better!

by CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

5 thoughts on “Microsoft Dynamics GP with Windows 7 - It Just Works!”

  1. Chihadeh Qamhawe

    Dear Sir
    I want to ask about using Microsoft GP Dynamic.06 on windows 07 with Crystal report 2008 can you advice me because i have problem with Print a Manual Payment Letter ; Extas- Additional

    waiting for you response

    Thank a lot

    chihadeh Qamhawe

  2. Not for me, and only for my machine since they upgraded to windows 7, Dynamics 10.0 has a weird behavior; the main window cannot be resized; if you click in the upper right corner on the mid square, Restore Down, instead to make the window sizable, it just minimaze to the task bar the whole application. If I click on that label to bring it up, nothing happens, if I right click, most of the time the menu is dimmned for Restore, Minimaze, Maximaze. The IT guys cannnot figure it out. I start up the application from Citrix icon; one day the admin created for me another icon for Dynamics and I had no problem; next day he deleted that and he did not give any explanation. In another day, more computers experienced the same problem, but they are ok now, only my computer still has this oddity.

    Any suggestions?

  3. Hi,
    I have installed Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit with SQL 2008 express 32 bit and installed GP 10 sp4 on top of that in my laptop as fresh installation.
    The problem I faced that
    When a GP user logs into GP including SA, it takes around 5 minutes Any idea?

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