Is It Time to “Wait it Out” or Invest in the Future?

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I ran across an interesting study from IBM which described how, despite the economy,  SMBs (small and medium businesses) are dealing with their top IT priorities. Instead of “waiting it out” and making decisions AFTER the economy gets better, they are using this time to invest in their future. Based on the research, the areas of information management, security management, social media and cloud computing are seeing the greatest focus and investment.

According to the study, most midsize organizations see their IT provider as a technology advisor, citing the following as crucial when evaluating technology providers:

  • 70% of the survey respondents say they need a technology partner who can help them work smarter.
  • 67% are looking for help building a high quality infrastructure to support their growing business.
  • 65% are seeking new ways to use information to make better business decisions.
  • 53% are focused on corporate social responsibility and in need of guidance around energy, environment and sustainability issues.

If your thoughts are similar to those in the bullet points listed above, Microsoft Dynamics GP can help. With tight integration to powerful Business Intelligence tools, Microsoft Dynamics can give you insights you’ve never had before. 

Download the complete IBM report, Inside the Midmarket: A 2009 Perspective, at If you are located in Arizona or surrounding areas, contact Sherwood Systems at (877) 943-9696 for assistance in determining if a technology solution can help your organization make better business decisions.  

By Sherwood Systems – Arizona Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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