Invest in Your Employees and Save Money and Time with Microsoft Dynamics GP Human Resources

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It is surprising to see many businesses invest a great deal of time and money into their financial system, infrastructure and other technology, yet their human resources data is still scattered amongst a vast collection of MS Excel spreadsheets, MS Word documents and just plain old physical paperwork.

Human Resources in Microsoft Dynamics GP provides powerful tools that help you strategically manage your organization’s most important business asset — your employees.

Especially in these tight economic times, it is more important than ever to have an effective Human Resources system.  This will eliminate the need to pay employees to complete tasks your system should handle for you already and to plan the future of your organization.

Businesses often find they spent more time and money getting around the lack of a Human Resources system than they would have spent if GP Dynamics Human Resources was implemented.

Microsoft has invested quite a bit of time and money to continue to enhance the MS Dynamics GP Human Resources product based on actual user feedback and to integrate Human Resources with other existing Microsoft products such as Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office.

Some of the many reasons to use MS Dynamics GP Human Resources:

  1. Empower employees with familiar tools:  Human Resources in Microsoft Dynamics GP works like other Microsoft products, so your employees and managers will adopt and leverage the solution quickly with minimal training required versus using an alternate Human Resources system.
  2. Are you confident all your spreadsheets, Word documents and paper work are really secure right now?  If you used MS Dynamics GP Human Resources, you would be.  Security is already defined for you using pre-defined roles tailored to Human Resources positions to ensure tight security.
  3. Stop the repeated entry.  MS Dynamics GP Human Resources is a fully integrated system. It integrates with Financials and Payroll to reduce redundant entry and centralize data to provide powerful reporting tools for government compliance and strategic planning. 
  4. Collect money that is owed to you!  Are you positive money is collected if employees leave sooner than the contracted time?  Many companies do not have a tight system to ensure employees have fulfilled the required amount of employment time for tuition and training reimbursement.  MS Dynamics GP Human Resources provides easy to use checklists for both the hiring and termination process and various reports to ensure this money is collected.  Also, monitor the distribution of company property, such as laptop computers and cell phones, to employees.
  5.  There are several online capabilities that provide secure, role-specific access to employees and managers including online benefit view and enrollment options provided through Business Portal applications.

 See the Microsoft Dynamics GP Human Resources and Payroll demos yourself and contact Crestwood Associates for more information.

By Juliet Constantino, Certified Microsoft Dynamics GP Project Manager at your Chicago Area Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner, Crestwood Associates.

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