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With the advent of superb accounting software such as Dynamics GP, Controllers and CFOs have become more technically savvy.   They have learned that software can be configured to perform many functions to save time and money.  One of the ways to save time and money is to centralize accounts payable functions when feasible.     Centralized accounts payable is a great way to reduce the resources needed to perform a necessary business function.  Here are a couple of scenarios when centralized accounts payable would be a good fit.

  • Branch location must keep purchasing and receiving capabilities for inventory control, but does not need to enter the vendor voucher and cut the check.    This could be a manufacturing site or distribution location or both.
  • Financial type institution that primarily functions with accounts payable and general ledger.  Typically these organizations are located in one office building and have multiple companies they are running within their accounting software.

In either of these scenarios, Microsoft Dynamics GP can address the centralization of accounts payable.

Let’s look at the first scenario.  I would recommend that the branch location use the purchasing and purchasing Receipt functionality within Dynamics GP.  The vendor would be instructed to send all vouchers to the home office.  The home office would then match the vendor invoice to the receipt; update costs if need be and cut the check for the purchase order.  The branch office could even send out one check per voucher or run all the checks that need to be paid for this vendor across branches and send out one check.    It is also very feasible that the branch location could enter their vendor invoices and then home office just cuts the checks.  Either way, you would have taken the security risk associated with running checks at many branch locations out of the equation and you will save money by not having to have check stock and perhaps MICR toner at numerous sites.

The Mekorma MICR program along with a good HP or Troy printer is what we recommend to all of our customers that want added check security and use blank check stock.  It also allows you to have numerous bank accounts but one check stock since the MICR toner prints the account number on the check for you.

The second scenario can often have a more complex processing environment.  Perhaps this company has multiple companies running.  Usually, this type of company will need to run check batches daily and one or multiple main cash account/checkbook id.  The use of Mekorma’s MICR program allows you to use the inherent voucher selection payment options in Dynamics GP with a twist; assign vouchers and/or vendors to specific checkbooks then automatically pay out of assigned checking account.   I could also easily have multiple checkbooks setup with many different banks including EFT remittances.    Mekorma MICR also allows for signature thresholds that are dependent upon the checkbook id.    You could have different rules if needed for each checkbook id if needed.

The point is that no matter what processing requirements for accounts payable, I am confident that we have a way to streamline this process for you, reduce your fraud risks, and save money in the long run.

If you care to comment on the information above or have any questions please feel free to contact me at 682-367-1699.

Custom Information Services is a Dynamics reseller in North Texas.

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