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Barry Knaster, the Knaster Technology Group

Back To School With ERP Selection

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Back to school shopping season is in full swing and as I carefully maneuver my way through the masses it is hard to believe that this annual rite is upon us again. What I find especially interesting this year is that many of the bigger retailers (Bed, Bath and Beyond for example) provide customers entering the store with pre-printed checklists of recommended supplies to reference as you wander through the aisles, making it far less likely something important or critical will be forgotten or overlooked.

Evaluating an ERP solution for deployment is obviously a much bigger decision than deciding which model TI calculator to buy. There are many key factors to take into consideration which other postings on this site do a great job of outlining, so I won’t repeat them here. My point is that it is important to have a specific game plan or methodology in mind before initiating the process so that you navigate correctly through the various steps.  Clients often mistakenly approach this task haphazardly; as a result often times the wrong choice is made and the business software system selected is a mismatch for the needs of their company. 

Fortunately there are many available checklists, guides and websites to assist with the ERP evaluation process. Here are a few in particular that my customers have found helpful in their initial evaluation efforts of Dynamics GP : 

Upfront due diligence goes a long way toward ensuring proper selection of an accounting software system so reviewing and following these guides is academic for success. 

Barry Knaster – The Knaster Technology Group ~ Colorado Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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