Treat The Customer Well - You Never Know Where They Will Go Next

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The other day a controller at a Connecticut company called us because he wanted to upgrade his current financial accounting software to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  What is interesting to me is that this controller had worked with us as his Microsoft Dynamics GP partner for support and training at not just one, but two previous companies in just the last few years.  I sure am glad that he likes the software and our support team so much that we basically get called in wherever he goes.  But it also made me think what a different job market we have now versus even a decade or so ago.

My grandfather worked at the same company for over 30 years (and has the gold watch to prove it).  And even my father would feel that jumping from job to job was not the sign of a good career man. But in this generation it seems there is no longer a stigma to list many companies on your resume, and even for high level executives to accept temp positions to fill a need for a short time period. 

It also goes to show, do a good job for every person you meet, because you never know what company they will be with next!

by CAL Business Solutions - Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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