Top 5 Sites for Accounting Software Research

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If you’ve seen the new Bing TV commercials, than you can relate to its theme.  In today’s internet savvy world, we are inundated with more information than we need and information that isn’t highly relevant.  If you type in pina colada you might find recipes, bars, or calorie counts for the tasty drink.  Learning to enhance your Google or Bing searches is one way to eliminate hours of pointless queries.  Another way is to find a few information websites that give you exactly what you are looking for.  After years of research, I have found 5 sites that provide valuable non-biased information around accounting software.

  1. Technology Evaluation Centers – this site is suited for the more advanced individual looking for mid-size and enterprise software.  The site includes accounting software comparisons, data sheets, vendors, etc.  You can also search for other technology applications including CRM, warehouse automation and business intelligence.
  2. Find Accounting Software – a site completely dedicated to helping businesses find accounting software that matches their needs.  You can search for specific partners and get matched based on industry knowledge, platform and location.
  3. Microsoft Solution Profiler – if you have already narrowed your search to Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) or Dynamics SL, NAV or AX…this site is for you!  Query partners based on region, industry and other technology offerings.
  4. Pinpoint – this site is categorized by Microsoft product, not solely Microsoft Dynamics. If you are looking for a Dynamics GP partner that also sells Microsoft Office 2007 and specializes in training, this is a great resource for you.
  5. Accounting Software Library – a database dedicated to helping businesses through the accounting software selection process.  Easily compare features of 150 + products based on how they meet your requirements.  Currently, the database is only offered via CD, however, an online version will be launching shortly.

With so many websites mentioning accounting software systems, it’s easy to get confused.  These five websites are great resources for anyone researching accounting software.  Already set on Microsoft Dynamics GP?  Contact SBS Group today and get a free business assessment.

BY: Kimberly Kohlhepp, SBS Group – New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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  1. Hi i am an accounting student and i have asked to look into accounting softwares and how they work. i just need your opinion on what look for and how to find easy to use accounting software packages. i am looking forward to your reply

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