Top 4 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Dynamics GP for Your Association

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Did you know that Chicago has the most membership associations in the country outside of Washington DC? As a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner serving Chicago, Crestwood Associates is the leader in providing solutions to this unique market. We will review 4 features of Microsoft Dynamics GP that bring value to a Membership Association, including Control Account Management, Inter-fund Accounting, Encumbrance Management and Grant Management.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a complete solution for Financial Management of your Membership Association. You can:

• Reduce time and effort to perform routine accounting tasks
• Connect and manage operations across your entire organization
• Make use of a wide range of reporting tools, including Excel and FRx
• Utilize deep integration with the Microsoft Office System
• Take advantage of online capabilities to distribute and collect key data

See how Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) financial management enables you to make fast, effective decisions with the most complete and timely information to Manage your Association.

1. Control Account Management
When your organization is equipped to manage accounts by segments, you not only save valuable time, but also gain a detailed picture of your finances that lets you meet demanding reporting requirements. Control Account Management functionality within Microsoft Dynamics enables you to monitor payables at a granular level and eliminate the need to manually reconcile reporting segments.

2. Inter-fund Accounting
Fund accounting can be a challenge for not-for-profit organizations — transferring balances across accounts is error-prone, and staff can spend too much time juggling manual entry and reconciliation processes. Microsoft offers Inter-fund Accounting functionality within Microsoft Dynamics GP Inter-Organization, ensuring easy management of inter-fund transfers and the assurance that account balances stay accurate and up-to-date.

3. Encumbrance Management
Keep your focus on utilizing budgets effectively, rather than on tracking expenses and worrying whether you’ve exceeded limits. With Microsoft Dynamics GP Encumbrance Management, not-for-profit organizations can proactively manage and adhere to budgets, streamline period-end reporting processes, and monitor encumbrances from any point in time.

4. Grant Management
Accurately track grant costs, remain accountable to your sponsors, and meet specific guidelines and regulations. Microsoft Dynamics GP Grant Managements ensure budget integrity for every dollar spent, and helps you achieve the successful project outcomes that increase your chances of future awards from new and existing sponsors.

Crestwood Associates is the leader in providing solutions to this market. Find more about Crestwood at or e-mail [email protected]

By Crestwood Associates, Chicago Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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