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Should ERP Software Buyers Have Their Heads in the Clouds?

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So here we are barreling ahead with Cloud Computing and SaaS (software as a service) – a pay as you go approach. Microsoft is offering MS Office in the clouds and Google has their cloud answer to the MS Office suite. Take a look at this link that defines exactly what Cloud Computing, both public and private, is all about.

It all sounds very cool and unstoppable – ERP apps such as Great Plains is offered that way, MS CRM and, of course, the granddaddy of online ERP and CRM, NetSuite. Looking at it a little closer, it seems to me that some companies approach this in a restrictive way. I found this excellent article while “working” at the airport waiting for my delayed flight, called Software + Service, The Full Story.

All I can say after reading this is that Microsoft sometimes comes late to the party but they have this one nailed. After you read this, you will see that software plus services is not just a marketing pitch.

Being from Arizona – don’t fence me in (software plus services) really resonates with me.

by Sherwood Systems - Arizona Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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  1. A reputable company would present feasibility studies, especially if you have plans of marketing the software or application to the public.

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