Sage CTO Admits: “Some of our products have fallen behind the technology curve”

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When you choose a new ERP system for your company, it is a decision that you will need to live with for at least the next 7-10 years.  So you want to make sure you choose a technology that is ahead of the curve and will not be outdated before you even get it installed. That is why I was pretty surprised to hear the new CTO for Sage admit in this ChannelWeb article that, “Some of our products have fallen behind the technology curve and need increased R&D investment." To me that would be a red flag.   On the other hand, Kirill Tatarinov, the corporate vice president of Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) at Microsoft Corp recently said, “Our commitment to deliver innovative functionality across multiple product lines is obvious: across the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions, we’ve delivered 12 major product releases in six years……Choosing a Microsoft Dynamics solution is a smart and safe long-term decision, and together with our partners, we will deliver even greater value through this exciting family of products.”

By CAL Business Solutions – Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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