Four Ways to Cut Costs by Automating Your Purchasing Process with Microsoft Dynamics GP - #3

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As I mentioned in my last two posts (Tip #1, Tip#2), companies are looking for ways to decrease operating expenses during this tough economic time.  Here is Tip #3 for how to cut costs by utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions…

#3   Streamline Your Budgeting Process
It is not uncommon for companies to make a number of budget adjustments and re-forecasts throughout the year.  Today re-budgeting is becoming an even more common practice with the volatility of the market.  Some companies are receiving unexpected cuts in funding, while others are receiving government funds.   Microsoft Forecaster, available with Microsoft Dynamics GP, is a centralized budgeting tool that lets you quickly create new forecasts and budget revisions in response to changes in your business. With Microsoft Forecaster, you can create ‘what if’ scenarios by copying an existing plan to a new plan and applying global and top-down adjustments with the help of a simple-to-use wizard.  This feature allows you to simply enter a dollar or percent increase/decrease to your budget at the summary level.  Microsoft Forecaster will make the changes to all posting-level accounts automatically, based on their proportionate share of the total budget.  A streamlined budgeting process can help save time, reduce errors, and control spending.

Stay tuned for my next post for Tip #4.

by The Resource Group –Washington Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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