Considering a New Accounting System? Consider your Employees!

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As companies grow and expand over time, it is very common to realize that your accounting system has not kept pace with your growth.  This leads many business owners to begin the process of selecting a new system.

During the evaluation process of the potential replacements, many factors come into play:  System cost, the product’s functionality, a reputation for stability and effectiveness, and the ability to migrate the historical data from the old system.  All of these considerations are valid, and should be a part of the purchase decision.

One more vital consideration, however, should be your company’s employees, both current and future.  Will the new system be something that is familiar to your employees?  Will the employees readily adopt the new system?  It can be both very frustrating, and very expensive, to go through the implementation process only to see the new system languish due to a lack of “buy-in” from your staff.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is modeled on, and tightly integrated into, those products most familiar to your workers:  Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook.  By adopting the look and feel of Outlook, and using Word and Excel as the primary communications and reporting tools, Dynamics GP can dramatically increase the successful adoption of a new system, resulting in satisfied and productive employees.

By TMC – Southern California Dynamics GP Partner

Considering a New Accounting System? Consider your Employees!

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