Are You Getting The Most From Your ERP Solution or Are You On Cruise Control?

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By Margaret Bolding, Client Strategy Manager, InterDyn Artis

We see it all the time.  New clients excited about implementing a bright, shiny new ERP system only to find that it’s unfamiliar and intimidating.  We reassure them that in no time at all they will be proficient and doing their jobs effectively – and we are right.  Clients adapt very well to their new Microsoft Dynamics GP software and are glad they made the investment. 

However…after the initial implementation, they ‘cruise’ on what they know and don’t take their solution to the next level.  For example, they don’t find faster ways to group and print their favorite month-end reports, they don’t look for ways to get rid of the spreadsheet they’ve relied on for years, and they just cruise along in the knowledge they already have.  

After a while, a new team member joins them and finds they don’t like Microsoft Dynamics GP because it can’t do X, Y or Z.  Ahh – but there’s the issue!  It can do X, Y and Z, but no one knew it because you were cruising!  It’s time to turn the corner, turn off the cruise control and learn new routes.  When you purchase Microsoft Dynamics GP, you have access to a plethora of modules and features.  But in most cases, initial implementations focus on the core modules that are absolutely necessary to start using Microsoft Dynamics GP, leaving the additional features for the future.  Many clients don’t revisit these tools after go-live and end up leaving valuable cost savings on the table. 

Your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution is very robust and can tackle many problems you may not have even considered yet.  If the information is in Microsoft Dynamics GP, InterDyn - Artis can get it into a usable format that is easy to generate and effective as a management tool.  We can also teach you how to accomplish these goals for yourself thus making your management team thrilled, your users happy and your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution working for you!

Are you on cruise control?  Do you know where you want to go and just not sure how to get there?  Call us at 704-321-3881 or visit our website at to learn more about how you can expand your knowledge on your current ERP investment.  We can help you take your ERP solution to the next level!

by Interdyn Artis - North Carolina Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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