What if you could replace your Enterprise ERP system—Oracle, JD Edwards , SAP, etc— with Microsoft Dynamics, for less than your current ERP’s yearly maintenance?

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It is possible.  OmniVue Business Solutions helped our client replace their costly Oracle ERP system with a robust Microsoft Dynamics solution and they realized tremendous cost savings.  And we’re doing it more and more, as upper mid market businesses are realizing that they can have the same tier-one type functionality with a much lower total cost of ownership with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Consider some of the many reasons to switch from a tier-one ERP system to Microsoft Dynamics GP:

  • Your customers aren’t buying as quickly or as frequently as they used to, and your business needs to preserve cash flow. Your margins are shrinking, and your costly ERP system is eating away at your profits instead of helping you sustain and grow your business.
  • A Microsoft Dynamics GP solution from OmniVue can quickly and easily transform your business, in many cases reducing your yearly maintenance costs by 70-80%. That means you spend less of your operating budget on maintaining your ERP system, and can focus more resources on improving your bottom line.
  • With your current ERP system you may have far more functionality than you need on a daily basis adding up to a less than agile solution.  Robust and feature rich, Microsoft Dynamics GP meets the needs of your business. And unlike many ERP systems, GP does it all without a significant investment in infrastructure.  Eliminate costly mainframe or AS/400 systems, reduce the need for full-time database administrators dedicated to supporting your system, and all but eliminate the need for outside consultants to assist you with customized reporting.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP licensing is designed to be cost-effective, allowing you to operate with concurrent users, with no imposed minimums or maximums, so you can scale your system along with your business.

An analyst report from Nucleus Research on the ROI of Microsoft Dynamics GP for Enterprise found that 71% of Microsoft Dynamics GP enterprise customers had already achieved a positive ROI from their solution with an average payback of less than 2 years.  A Microsoft Dynamics GP solution from OmniVue can put the control back in your hands, and let you dictate what features and functionalities your team needs in order to maximize cost savings.   Check out OmniVue’s special deals for businesses who want to ditch their costly ERP systems (Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards Etc...) and save with Microsoft Dynamics.

By OmniVue – Georgia Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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